How does Mentoring Work?

    Usually you would meet with your Mentor at a mutually convenient, comfortable place such as a café. Generally it is up to you to decide for how long and how frequently. A typical Mentor meets with their Mentee once a week/fortnight for approximately half an hour or an hour. This can be increased or decreased according to your needs. If for example you are going through a ‘bad patch’ you may want to see your mentor more often (if they are able to). It is up to you to discuss and decide with your Mentor.

    You may also use the email or the telephone if this works for both of you.

    Mentors come in all shapes and sizes but you will find them all friendly and approachable. They are volunteers who are keen to help others. The project Coordinator will talk to you and give you information about your proposed Mentor to help you decide if this would be the right mentor for you. The Mentee profile form that you complete will help the Coordinator to match you too.

    Should you find that mentoring is not working for you then you do not have to continue. Your Mentor will regularly check with you that you want to carry on but you can also inform the Coordinator at any time should you want to stop. It might be possible to match you with a different Mentor if you think it might help.

    Generally anything that you say to your Mentor during your meetings will be in the strictest confidence. They will not discuss your issues with anyone else unless you have given them your permission.